Sanatan Dharma College
NAAC Accredited Grade ‘A+’ with CGPA 3.51 in the third cycle
 College with Potential for Excellence - UGC, New Delhi

Guest/Extension Lectures Organised in The College

S. No. Topic Resource Person Date Department
1. Memory Management Techniques Mr. Chetan Kumar Gupta,

Assistant Professor, PGGC ,CHD

01.08.2016 Computer Science
2. Career Options & Job Opportunities Prof Ashutosh Mishra, Dean, Chitkara University, Pb. 12.8.2016 Career Guidance Cell
3. Introduction to System and is components Praveen Mathur 19.8.2016 Electronics & IT
4. String Pattern Matching & Complexity of Algorithm Mr. Chetan Kumar Gupta,

Assistant Professor, PGGC ,CHD

26.08.2016 Computer Science
5. Description of Real life Projects Amandeep Mehta 26.08.2016 Electronics & IT
6. Process Management in Operating System Dr. Munishwar Rai, MMICT, MMU, Mulana 27.08.2016 Computer Science
7. Career Options Vivek Kumar Gupta, Career Trainer 5.9.2016 Career Guidance Cell
8. Five Common Ailments in Young Girls Dr. Sonika Sethi, Assistant Prof, S D College 7.9.2016 Women Cell
9. Stress Management and Memory Increment Dr. Ravi Aggarwal, Neuro Clinical Psychologist 8.9.2016 Commerce
10. Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle Ms. Kavleen Bharej, Asst. Prof., S D College 8.9.2016 Women Cell
11. Detailed description of SDLC Praveen Mathur 9.9.2016 Electronics & IT
12. Importance of Nutrition in Adolescents Ms. Shreshtha Muraal, Asst. Prof., S D College 9.9.2016 Women Cell
13. Non-Performing Assets Prof. Ramesh Dalal, USM, KUK 10.9.2016 Commerce
14. Career & Job Options Ms. Megha, LEAP Skills Academy 12.9.2016 Career Guidance Cell
15. Hindi Basha ki Shithiti Evam Sambhavnayein Prof Subhash Saini, Professor, KUK 14.9.2016 Hindi
16. Implications of GST (Goods and Services Tax) in India Dr. Parmod Aggarwal, Assistant Prof, Department of Economics, Punjabi University, Patiala 16.9.2016 Economics
17. Addressing Modes in CSA Dr. Rajinder Singh 17.9.2016 Electronics & IT
18. Risk Management Prof. Rakesh Kumar,


22.09.2016 Computer Science
19. Career in Armed Forces Col. Varadan 22.9.2016 Career Guidance Cell
20. Working of Real life Projects along with Data Base Connectivity Amandeep Mehta 23.9.2016 Electronics & IT
21. Evolving Career Path in Accounts, HR and IT Mr. Rahul Parashar, Senior Quality Manager, Trentor Software, Chd. 24.9.2016 Commerce
22. Process Control Block and Process Interrupt Dr. Munishwar Rai, Associate Professor, MMICT, MMU, Mulana 24.09.2016 Computer Science
23. Lecture on “Literary Criticism and History of English Literature” Prof. Loveleen Mohan, MDU, Rohtak 26.9.2016 English
24. Software Testing Dr. Ashish Jolly Govt. College, Barwala, Panchkula 07.10.2016 Computer Science
25. Normalization in DBMS Dr. Vikas Verma, HOD, CGC-Landran,Mohali 27.10.2016 Computer Science
26. Microprocessor-8085 Interrupts introduction and its types Dr. Rajinder Singh 28.10.2016 Electronics & IT
27. Micro Programmed Control Memory Dr. Rajinder Singh 29.10.2016 Electronics & IT
28. Role of Advertisement in Insurance Sector Mr. Rakesh Dhiman, Business Development Manager, Reliance Life Insurance 2.11.2016 Commerce
29. Microprocessor 8085 Interrupt Structure Dr. Rajinder Singh, Principal 02.11.2016 Electronics & IT
30. Functions and Indexes in DBMS Dr. Vikas Verma, HOD, CGC-Landran,Mohali 5.11.2016 Computer Science
31. Software Project Planning Dr. Ashish Jolly Govt. College, Barwala, Panchkula 5.11.2016 Computer Science
32. Disk Scheduling Dr. Munishwar Rai, MMICT, MMU, Mulana 12.11.2016 Computer Science
33. Computers & Intelligence Dr. M. Shyamla Devi,

Associate Professsor, PU, Chd

21.11.2016 Computer Science
34. Guest Lecture cum Demo Ms Anupriya Deotle, International Violinist of India, renowned artist of All India Radio in collaboration with Spic Macay 9.1.2017 Music
35. Cache Memory and its types Dr. Rajinder Singh, Principal 14.1.2017 Electronics & IT
36. Personality Development Vishal Sood, IIM, Ahmedabad 14.1.2017 Placement Cell
37. How to Face Interview Vishal Sood, IIM, Ahmedabad 16.1.2017 Placement Cell
38. The Scope of M.Sc. in Mathematics Mr. Jonty Jinal 21.1.2017 Mathematics
39. Guest Lecture on Role of Youth in Nation Building Captain Raghu Sharma, 12 Regiment, Army Cantonment 24.1.2017 Young Speakers’ Club
40. “Indian Economic Challenges in the Contemporary Global World” Prof. Kuldeep Singh, Department of Economics, KUK 11.2.2017 Economics
41. Cloud Computing Dr. Rajinder Nath, Chairperson, KUK 15.02.2017 Computer Science
42. Data Warehousing Dr. Vikas Verma, HOD, CGC-Landran, Mohali 16.02.2017 Computer Science
43. Process Synchronization and Concurrency Control Dr. Pardeep Kumar, Associate Professor, KUK 17.02.2017 Computer Science
44. 8237 DMA Controller Dr. Rajinder Singh, Principal 22.2.2017 Electronics & IT
45. Nutrition for College Students Dr Vinti Davar, KUK 22.2.2017 Home Science
46. Building Self Comfidence & Interview Skills Rajnish Sharma, NITELTS, Barara 25.2.2017 Computer Science
47. A talk on Legal Para Volunteer under Dist. Legal Service Authority Director, IIFA, Ambala City 27.2.2017 Legal Literacy Cell
48. A talk on “National Science Day Celebration” Mr Deepak Kumar, Research Associate, PU, Chd. 28.02. 2017 Physics
49. Fiber Optic Communication Dr. Virender Kundu, Asst Prof. Dept of Electronic Science, KUK 02.3.2017 Electronics & IT
50. 8255 PPI Interfacing Dr. Anurekha Sharma (Dept of Electronic Science, KUK) 02.3.2017 Electronics & IT
51. Fibre Optics Communications Dr Virender Singh Kundu, KUK 02.3.2017 Computer Science
52. Communication Skills Rajnish Sharma, NITELTS, Barara 04.3.2017 Computer Science
53. PHP Form Handling Gurpreet Kaur, Snow Microtechnologies Pvt. Ltd. 04.3.2017 Computer Science
54. Existing Opportunities in IT Industry Yudhir Arora, Manager, Client Solution, SDGC Software India Pvt. Ltd., Noida


Nitin Dhiman,

Senior Technical Lead, Vserve Business Solution, Mohali

4-5.3.2017 Commerce
55. Career Opportunities in Remote IT Infrastructure Management Manu Sharma, Director, RIMTECH Solutions, Chd 06.3.2017 Computer Science
56. Pachages & Interfaces Anuj Kumar, Asst. Prof, CSA, PU, Chd 07.3.2017 Computer Science
57. Switching & Multiplexing Dr. Munishwar Rai, MMICT, MMU, Mulana 08.3.2017 Computer Science
58. Health & Nutrition/ Demo of Power Yoga Mrs Usha Bhasin, Health & Fitness Expert, Chandigarh 8.3.2017 Women Cell
59. LAN Technologies & Network Devices Chitwant Singh 11.3.2017 Computer Science
60. Corporate Restructuring & Time Value of Money Prof. A.K.Vashisht, UBS, PU, Chd. 15.3.2017 Commerce
61. Gaytry Mantar kai Vaigyanikataa Mr Surender Gupt (Retired Teacher) 22.3.2017 Hindi
62. Data Link Layer- Design & Issues Prof. Suchita Upadhyaya, DCSA, KUK 24.3.2017 Computer Science
63. Communication Skills & Interview Skills Narender Aggarwal, Gurukul Drona Academy, Ludhiana 24.3.2017 Comp. Sc & Commerce
64. Programmable Logic Control Ashwani Dhiman, Taksati Innovations, Kurukshetra 25.3.2017 Commerce
65. Intellectual Property Rights Adv. Anil Mehta, Deputy Adv. General, Haryana 25.3.2017 Computer Science
66. Data Mining- Knowledge Discovery Dr. M. Shyamla Devi,

Associate Professsor, PU, Chd

27.3.2017 Computer Science
67. Vedant avem Yoge Par Paricharcha Sawami Somanand ji, Astrologer, Barli, UP 27.3.2017 Hindi
68. Nav Samvat ka Mahtav Ass.Prof. Dr Vijay Sharma 28.3.2017 Hindi
69. Career Planning in HRD Dr. P.K.Mehta, Director AIMT 30.3.2017 Commerce
70. Social Responsibility & Media Education Dr Vartika Nanda, HoD Mass Comm, Delhi University 30.3.2017 IQAC
71. Career Opportunities (7 Lectures) Staff Members Career Guidance Cell