Sanatan Dharma College
NAAC Accredited Grade ‘A+’ with CGPA 3.51 in the third cycle
 College with Potential for Excellence - UGC, New Delhi

Executive Council

Student Union Executive Council -2018-19

S.No Name of the Candidate Roll Number Class Elected for the post of Mobile No.
Vandana 2370320030 M.Com I President 7404472417
Ankit Saini 2294110028 BA I Vice-President 9813678452
Prince 2294810003 MA Hindi-I Secretary 8930154100
Sonia 1636120002 M.Sc App. Physics-II Joint-Secretary 9971153685
Sheetal Rawal 1558420005 BA (Pol.Sc. Hons)-II Exe. Member 9050927311
Himani Sharma 1615002 B.Sc (Comp. Sc.)-III Exe. Member 9996311206
Pratik Chauhan 237941002 B.Voc (SD)-I Exe. Member 7015192478
Sahil Sharma 2365610027 BBA-I Exe. Member 9812235974
Bhawna Rana 2370720013 M.Sc Maths-I Exe. Member 8684924944
Gourav 1611415 BA III Exe. Member (Nominated)
Kartik 1611544 BA III Exe. Member (Nominated)
Pooja 1612022 B.Com III Exe. Member (Nominated)
Pratham Bidlan 1558610002 BA II Exe. Member (Nominated)
Akanksha Suvriti 1614030 B.SC. MED III Exe. Member (Nominated)