Sanatan Dharma College
NAAC Accredited Grade ‘A+’ with CGPA 3.51 in the third cycle
 College with Potential for Excellence - UGC, New Delhi


N-LIST E-books: 90000+
N-LIST E-journals: 4200+
CDs/DVDs: 850

National Library & Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Contents (NLIST)

N-LIST E-Resources
The Consortium subscribes to the following resources for the colleges . All electronic resources subscribed under N-LIST Programme are available from the publisher’s Web site. Access Enabled
Search Other Internet Resources
C Sharpcorner
E Yantra
E-Journals (Full text)
American Institute of Physics (18 titles)
American Physical Society (10 titles)
Annual Reviews (33 titles)
Cambridge University Press (224 titles)
Economic and Political Weekly (EPW) (1 titles)
Indian Journals (180+ titles)
Institute of Physics (46 titles)
JSTOR (2500+ titles)
Oxford University Press (206 titles)
Royal Society of Chemistry (29 titles)
H. W. Wilson (3000+ titles)
Cambridge Books Online (1800 titles)
E-brary (83000+ titles)
EBSCoHost-Net Library (936 titles)
Hindustan Book Agency (65+ titles)
Institute of South East Asian Studies(ISEAS) Books (382+ titles)
Oxford Scholarship (1402+ titles)
Springer eBooks (2300 titles)
Sage Publication eBooks (1000 titles)
Taylor Francis eBooks (1800 titles)
Myilibrary-McGraw Hill (1124 titles)

College bought some perpetual licenses of some popular e-books from world class professional publishers like Pearson Education, Tata Mcgraw-Hill etc. The details to access the e-books from these publishers is given below. The students and faculty members can access the e-books from these links.

Pearson Education:

The subscription is user registration basis. One needs to make an account on person e-library portal first.

  • Scan this QR-Code from QR-Scanner app to goto the google form, or click this link.
  • Complete the registration and you will get the registration credentials on your email-ID soon.
  • Refer this User Manual and FAQ sections.

Tata-Mcgraw Hill:

For this, user needs to connect with the internet using the college LAN/Wi-fi with his/her credentials. Now you can search for “Express Library Mcgraw Hill” on any search engine or click on this link. In top right the welcome message for college must come as Welcome, Sanatan Dharma College. Now, you are ready to access the resources from Tata Mcgraw-Hill.